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Youth festival 2022

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This blog is about youth festival 2022 organized by MKBU, 

What is youth festival:-

Youth festival is a kind of celebration which celebrates the youth and talent of the youth. This is our 30th youth festival after two years of a corona pandemic. This year Takshashila institute of science and commerce became host of this festival and organised a youth festival. And gave name to this festival - અમૃત રંગ ઊર્જા મહોત્સવ 2022. 

Traditionally the first event of the youth festival is kalayatra in which students represent their colleges in different ways.

Kalayatra :-

Kalayatra on 18th September at 4:30 afternoon time from the water tank of Bhavnagar to Amphy theatre. Kalayatra started at 4:45 pm and then everyone did registration. In kalayatra many colleges participated and they represent their college's  culture and history related themes like women empowerment, tribal caste, thoughts of Gandhi, thoughts of Sardar patel, successful womans in history, business skills like - stitching, parlour, dancing, singing, painting etc and kind of professions. It was a great experience to represent our department as we were using posters of social media icons and English literature. As it was Sunday, there was a traffic issue and the local public had to suffer for it. But it was a great experience to be part of kalayatra. 

Opening event:- 

On 19th September it opened at 10:00 but guests were late so the program also delayed and it started around 12:00 o'clock. Jitu Bhai Vaghani our education minister, Mayor of the Bhavnagar Kirtiben Danidhariya, Bharti ben Shiyal, youngest IPS officer Safin Hasan, and Gujarati film director Abhishek Jain and other political party members were there and other University members also there.

Function started with the Ganesh dance by the girls who are deaf and mute. Their dancing was really good. Then there were speech from the guest - Safin Hasan motivated to youth for their dreams and true guidance , and officially opened the festival and start all the competitions.

After the opening, the first event was Mimicry at Atal auditorium. The name of this stage is 'Shri VinodBhai Amlani Natyamanch' in evening time. Judges of this event were - Jagdishsingh, Vipul vala and Diwakar Bhai Upadhyay. In mimicry there were five participants and all performed well. But there was one similarity between them, which is that they performed the same things but in their own way like there was mimicry of the voices of birds, animals, voices of vehicles and lyrics of music.  

Other events are also there like on the spot painting, quiz, Bhajan etc...

On the same day there is a Lok Nrutya event in which many colleges take part. In this - Garba is there in which they have to perform more than 8 minutes. It's too hard as the beat was too fast. Some groups were doing both the things together as dancing and singing which became too difficult. But it was a great event. There were more than 8 groups. 

After Garba (Loknrutya) there is mime event in which Judges were Kamalbhai

Devangiben bhatt and Jagdish bhai. 

Theme of mime are like , Mobile games addiction, outdoor game v/s mobile games, Life of soldiers, Mission done by Indian Army, use of cosmetic and death of animals, use of technology and how technology overpowered the human, life of zoo animals, circus animals , identity of transgender, story of Samrat Ashok, life of farmers and their family and circus life and reality etc...

Ekanki- Play :-

On 20th September there is A Ekanki- event in morning time 8:30 am but it started at 10:00 o'clock. 

There were first play name : Asifa - aek paheli - in which from the history till today suffering of women Sita , Draupadi, Holika , Shurpanakha,  Story of Acid attack and then life of girl, story of girl who fall in love with someone but family didn't able to accept situation, story of gang rape this all are found in one play which was about 25 minutes. In this play I found themes like feminism, Racism, Class conflict etc...

Another one is about prostitute girl and King who wants this girl and didn't allow her to go anywhere, love of prostitute girl and nephew of king , theme of feminism and class conflict are there. At the end we found that king killed the prostitute girl named Panna (her mother called her kabutari). There is a tragic end to the story.

Another one is Aykhani Chopat in which story of brother in low and female protagonist whose husband killed by someone and she forced her brother in law to take revenge but due to society she has to get married with him and then she came to know about death of her husband which done by her brother in law then she killed him by giving him poison. There I found themes like greed, power , feminism etc..

Fourth play is Artificial Intelligence in which 6 characters are there. Story of hostel girls who live far from the family in the hostel. They came to know about death of her friend's (Naina) father but their exam is running so what should she has to do 5 of them wants to send Naina to home but one of them Shivani believe that Naina must give exam and give reason why should she has to do that but there is twist at the end as there is death of Shivani's father instead of Naina's father. So Shivani thinks practically rather than emotionally.

Fifth play is Digdarshka about the life of a local drama maker or the boy who comes from a rural area and wants to become a big Actor. In this story there were only two characters and the theme of their drama is passion, Revenge and loneliness in the life of both.  

So all the performances were so well performed. Themes of those plays were History, Feminism, Horror, Anger, Love , Passion, Revenge, Loneliness, Sorrow, Use of power, Love for art etc....

Mono Acting:-

After the completion of Play there was an Event of Mono Acting. There were many participants in this event.


Divakarbhai Upadhyay 

Vipul Vala

Jagdish Singh

There were more than fifteen participants and they all performed very well. There I found themes like life of Actor, Life of lover, Feminism, Passion, History related acts and characters from the history etc...

While mono acting is going on there are other events like Western singing competition, Tatkal chitra , Clay modelling, and Collage competition also going on. 

After the evening there are events of Traditional Dance and  Skit play. In skit there are plays about satire on political parties and society, plays about the harsh reality of lower class people etc...

On 21 September was the last day of the youth festival. In morning time there is elocution, Installation and Rangoli competitions. After that at 3:30 there was a samapan program but it started at 4:30, because guests were late as there were guests Ishani Dave and RJ Akash. There were other guests IG of Bhavnagar, VC and other University members were there.

After the speech some students and teachers shared their experience of the youth festival. As it was organised by Takshila Institute of science and commerce. After that they facilitate all the students who got Third , Second and First rank in various competitions. 

Students of the Department of English win many competitions and get more than fourteen prizes in various events like , elocution, mono acting , Kavya pathan , Rangoli, essay writing, short film, Clay modelling, western singing, Debate etc...

So it was a great experience to be part of the youth festival and there is a lot to learn and opportunities to grow.

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